Landscapers in El Paso, TX

El Paso's most reliable landscaping contractors.

El Paso Landscapers

Servicing El Paso, Texas for decades our team of professionals is dedicated to upholding a high standard.

Our Services include:

Building maintenance and groundskeeping duties.

Residential and commercial mowing services.

Flowers, shrubs, bushes, and grass landscaping and maintenance.

Pest control (i.e. mosquitos, wasps, ticks, etc), via application of fertilizer.

Snow blowing and sidewalk maintenance.

Sidewalk swept of debris.

Tree stump removal.

Tree relocation services.

Our Partners

We are part of a large group of companies that service numerous cities across the United States. Among them is our top Commercial Landscaping Contractor partner, located in South Florida.

Do you love backyards that feel like an oasis? Landscaping and pools go hand in hand. Nothing creates a resort like vibe than some great pool side landscaping. We partner with companies across the United States on numerous projects that include pool decks, design, and more. For the best Salt Water Pool Contractor in Miami, FL , there’s no better contractors than Salt Water Pools Miami.

Our landscaping company keeps your business looking great year around. We use native trees and shrubs to maintain continuity and prevent flowers from dying off early. We picked that tip up from our friends in Miami, FL. For those of you that live in Miami, it’s important to keep your business safe during Hurricane Season. We recommend using impact resistant automatic doors for your business.

To better improve the quality of your lawn and maintain a healthy looking landscape, automating your sprinkler system is a technology that’s relatively new. It checks weather patterns and adjust your watering accordingly. For the best tips on smart home systems and automation talk to our friends in Miami.

During the summer, it’s important to enjoy your wonderful yard. There’s no greater feeling than taking in some vitamin D and barbecue on your grill. For a custom bar buildout , Carptenry Miami Pros are the way to go. They’ll build out a magazine worthy bar for you.